Senior Leadership Team   (2018)



Pastor T M Samuel (President)


Committee Members

d1   Br. K C David (Secretary)  n2  Br. Benny Daniel (Treasurer)

6n  Br. Shibu  Daniel    9  Br. Mathew Samuel    4  Br. Saju George

John  Br. John Jacob    Bejoy KG  Br. Bejoy K G    11  Br. Shaji Varughese


 Christ Ambassadors Committee (2018)

Pastor  T M Samuel    (President)
Br. Praise Joseph (Secretary) 
Br. Vibin varghese (Treasurer)

Committee Members

 Br. Siju Abraham
Br. Samuel Kutty
Br. Jijo Plappally




Women Missionary Council (WMC) 2018

Sis. Sheeba David   (President)
Sis. Mary John   (Secretary)
Sis. Shyji Anil

Committee Members

Sis. Blessy Shaji 
Sis. Shyni Benny






That the redeemed of the ages, in glorified bodies, shall dwell with the triune God forever, to serve and to enjoy Him in perfect peace and happiness.
[Revelation 21 and 22]